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 Man, WTF?

Mar. 22nd, 2011

 Maybe you saw the relationship change on facebook.

To answer some questions:

1. No, I don't know what really happened
3. I'm not dying over it. I got over the depression and denial stages in ten minutes each. It's more like I'm PISSED THE FUCK OFF
4. I'm still going to ACen and Colossalcon. Otakon is up in the air since I need a new hotel room for me and my brother (let me know if anyone knows anyone!)
5. No fucking Gencon
6. He's a cocky jackass
 Wow, I fucking HATE satin stitching. New cosplay is requiring a shitton on the sleeves, I'm not done with this first sleeve yet since I still have to satin stitch flowers and leaves onto it. And I've never done it before now. This is really not a cosplay to work on last minute, so I'm really glad I started on it right now.

Also, it's great to start cosplaying from a series I've long adored since I was a kid. Even if It's a new character.

Before the the stitching began. Those need flowers on them still.
 Man, it's like the end of the world in Japan. Several earthquakes and then the nuclear reactors going critical....I'm worried about Jeff and Emiri and her family, and Alisa's family. And tsunamis hitting the Philippines.

I'm praying for everyone in Japan and the nearby island countries.

Mar. 8th, 2011




 New silly icon XD I've been making more Rockman DASH icons out of weird and awesome pictures I find, along with new artwork released for DASH 3.

I'm moving up my Otakon cosplay for ACen. I'm doing Aero, since EVERYONE cosplays Panty and Stocking, so I just don't want to cosplay Panty for the time being. I think I should just do Rockman related cosplay, especially since we will (hopefully) host the Rockman panel. That'll give me time during the summer to work on my insane DASH cosplay project

Busy with school crap (supposed to take a Chem midterm tonight [>.<]) Ohayocon was pretty awesome, and I want spring break to come soon so I can sit down and work on cosplay like crazy. 
 I can't fucking believe I'm related to these terrible people. 

And now, I will NEVER go back to the Philippines. Otherwise I would punch their faces in. Break some limbs. 

Fucking psychos.
 Oh god, Ohayocon cosplay. Haku's pretty much all done, except the mask and senbon needles...I need to get new silver spray paint for that (and my hair spools). 

Minmay, I spent all day painting the shawl. THE FUCKING SHAWL. JUST THE FUCKING SHAWL! only like, halfway done with it and I only stopped because I was all out of painter's tape and can't find my other roll of it. Need to go get another one if the snow lets up. I haven't really touched the skirt yet. But I love how well the design turned out. Pretty accurate and the material is nice, warm and feels expensive XD. I think I'm wearing this cosplay during my Professor Layton panel, it's the only cosplay I have that would even remotely fit in with the theme room (it's in the Steampunk room, I'm pretty happy that I get to do something related to this year's theme)

Though for ACen, I'll try to have Emmy and Layton done for myself and Nick respectively. Almost wish we had a Luke (it'll be cute if Alisa could be Luke, the version in my icon). Going to spend spring break sewing cosplays like crazy.

Also, gotta think of a non-skimpy cosplay for Gencon (finally going!).

And I'm so glad the professor gave us tomorrow off. SOOOOOOO grateful. Gotta work on a lot of school shit this weekend.
Have almost all of people's Christmas gifts in. Just waiting for Nick's present to come in the mail. I was super surprised my brother's present came in today, since it was coming from Japan (Professor Layton Revoltech). Allie and Tom have their presents already. Need to get something for Codi though.

Still need to work on my Ohayocon cosplay. I kinda changed my secret cosplay. It's easier, warmer (except that I have to wear sandals), appropriate for the season (like Scotty Minmay is) and I can take one less wig to the con (bringing three already; Minmay, Sheryl and Kamille).

Also, I got all three of my panels for Ohayo, sadly only one hour apiece because Ohayocon is allowing 5-6 fucking Hetalia and Kingdom Hearts panels apiece. :P But I did get some people free badges out of my panels. And Rob is going to be screwed out of a badge if he doesn't CONTACT ME!!!!

Honestly, I really can't wait for ACen, since I'm going to be working on Transformation Panty with Allie's Transformation Stocking. And maybe make a Chuck plush. It'll also be funny to get Fred to be Garterbelt XD

My laptop charger is fucked up. Posting from my mom's/my old computer. My brother and I are going to try to do something about it when he gets home from work today. I'm going to need my laptop for next quarter...BADLY. I have my Magazine writing class. Also, I'm taking Stats 135 and Chem 101.

Yeah, that's pretty fucking suicidal. But MAYBE that can mean I can graduate a quarter early. Also, at least my cosplay load for Ohayo is lighter.